Nomi Shachar – Honoured Citizen of Haifa 2013 

Nomi Shachar is a retired educator of The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa.

She organises community relationships and volunteering activities in the central Carmel branch of The Reali School for more than 10 years.

She organises voluntary activities in schools for children with special needs, old age homes, women's hostels, "Shabtai Levi" hostel for the care of children in immediate emergency situations, after school centers for children and kindergartens in distress areas.

Nomi is the managing director of "Likrat Shabat" organisation for over 10 years. This organisation works in full cooperation with the department of social welfare of the Haifa municipality and provides basic food requirements each week to 150-200 families.

Nomi is a member of the editorial panel of the magazine "Good People Willing to Help Others".

She is the president of the Shaked chamber of "Bnei-Brit" organization and is the national coordinator of the women's section of "Bnei-Brit".

Nomi Shachar was awarded the prize for education from the mayor of Haifa and also received a prize at a ceremony in the Israel Parliament, for all her activities as a senior citizen.


For all these and more, Nomi Shachar was awarded the title – "Honoured Citizen of Haifa".