About Our Charity
"LIKRAT SHABAT" is a non-profit organization that supplies food to underprivileged families in the Haifa region every week.

Our organization was founded in 2004, by a group of concerned Haifa residents who saw the injustice of economic hardship in our own backyard and decided to do something about it – to pick up where Haifa’s Department of Welfare lacked the resources to provide assistance. 
Every Thursday, volunteers – children and adults – pack boxes with basic food products for families who have been referred to "Likrat Shabat" by Haifa’s Department of Welfare, who supports our activities as a supplement to their services. 
The packages provide meals for "Shabat" and food staples to carry the family into the new week. Occasionally we are able to supplement these basic necessities with cakes and sweets, dairy luxuries, conserves etc., which are donated by various companies and organizations.
Once the packaging process is completed, we personally deliver it to each of the designated families.

Today, we provide food for 170 families. But, sadly, this is only a fraction of the families in need.  Our goal is to support the families as much as needed. The cost of supporting one family with food for an entire month is approximately $150 USD.

The organization functions on a purely voluntary basis and all income and expenses are devoted to the acquiring of the products and distribution.

We at “Likrat Shabat” strongly believe in the concept of receiving through giving. While making another family’s Shabat dinner possible, we are enriching our own Shabat experience.
We continue to embrace the Torah’s wise words: “Ve-ahavta le-reacha kamocha”, which means to love and respect the people in your community as you wish they would love and respect you.
For donations, please contact Nomi/Ran at 972 - 4 - 8500055 / 9116877
                                             or Eti/Shirly at 972 - 4 - 9116888
                                                            Fax: 972 - 4 - 8500055
For more information, plaese write to us -  info@likrat-shabat.org